Meghan Markle reportedly files for divorce from Prince Harry for US$80 mln

According to a report from, Markle has filed divorce papers in exchange for a huge sum of $80 million, custody of their two children, and retaining the title of Duchess of Sussex, see THE NEXT PAGES for more details…

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  1. Prince Harry needs to divorce her and get custody of his children! Get rid of her once, and for all, don’t walk run, never married her

    1. Agree. Maybe being with his family may help wonder if Harry got that kind of money sure she keeps hold of purse strings

  2. Oh, do you want only comments that suit your status? I’m all about honesty should’ve never married her!

    1. Leave her take the children and her so call title Duchess off her. Strip her she never deserved it and Charles should never have allowed her to keep it. But even if they do divorce as soon as she says Jump Harry he will. Princess Anne and Price Willian need to talk some sense into Charles. As for Andrew and Fergie marry again, it’s only to make sure they can stay in that mansion, I thought Camilla was able to boss Charles, now it’s time. He needs to be guided to keep Royalist around.
      I doubt any English want That sick , sex mad man around.

      1. Exactly he needs to walk away, give her. Maybe one million dollars to live on. She needs to get a job. Get app her a** and for her to go back to her regular name of Megan Marco, she’s not to keep the Duchess title because she’s not Royal. She stepped down from that.

  3. Leave her Harry,your own father is more important,she’s messed your life up,take the title off her,she does not deserve it,especially after she spoke out against the queen and insulted her,she’s turned you against your country,your family and what you stood for,you have been blinded by her,wake up and return to duty and honour your father and our late queen,we are not interested in this actress and gold digger.

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